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Publication Number: EM 1110-2-6051
Title: Engineering and Design - Time-History Dynamic Analysis of Concrete Hydraulic Structures
Proponent: CECW-EW
Publication Date: 22 December 2003
Distribution Restriction Statement: Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.
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Entire document (This file contains all elements of the document inclusive of appendices. File size: 27.9 MB.)
Basic document (This file contains all elements of the document exclusive of appendices. File size: 21 MB.)
Transmittal Letter
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Analytical Modeling of Concrete Hydraulic Structures (File size: 1.12 MB.)
Chapter 3 - Time-History Numerical Solution Techniques
Chapter 4 - Structural Performance and Damage Criteria (File size: 4.08 MB.)
Chapter 5 - Development of Acceleration Time-Histories
Chapter 6 - Earthquake Response Evaluation of Concrete (File size: 14.7 MB.)
Appendix A - References
Appendix B - Synthesizing a Suite of Simulated Recorded Motions
Appendix C - Spectrum Matching (File size: 2.72 MB.)
Appendix D - Effects of Spectrum Matching on Characteristics of Earthquake Ground Motion Time-Histories (File size: 3.01 MB.)
Appendix E - Notations

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